Victory Church Single Sermons

Listen to all of Victory’s single sermons and guest speakers, as they bless us with their knowledge and wisdom. From missions, to learning how to evangelize, or being a model man in your family, all of Victory speakers have brought thoughtful and powerful sermons.

03.19.17 I Pastor Greg DeVries

06.25.17 I Pastor Philip Murdoch

06.17.18 I Pastor Abe Huber
12.30.18 I Pastor Mike Ware: Taking the limits off God

03.31.19 I Pastor Al Keech: The Power of Remembering

06.02.19 I Pastor Don Matheny

03.22.17 I Pastor Greg DeVries

03.11.18 I Pastor Jason Spears

07.29.18 I Pastor Larry Stockstill
02.17.19 I Pastor Mike Ware: 3 Tests of Every Believer

05.12.19 I Dr. Marilyn Hickey
06.23.19 I Pastor James Pursifull